Customized meals shipped directly to your feed room door.
burlap sack with grain

Individually Packaged Meals

Delivered weekly

Your horse's custom grain and feed diet, packaged and labeled individually. Weekly delivery direct to your feed room. 

Supplement Packets

complete diets

Add a daily supplement packet to your ReadiFeed meals and have everything your horse needs for his daily bucket in one delivery.


simplified storage

Ditch the trash cans and the feed store runs and the plastic baggie routine.  Let us handle your horse's meals for you, so you can spend your time riding.

horse in stall with bucket

Simple and Accurate

Easy feeding

Meals are labeled with your horse's name and feeding instructions so bucket time is foolproof. You can even soak his meal right in the container!


Subscription plans

Choose the plan that's right for you, and build your custom feed program.
Monthly Plan
What’s included
Single Horse

Tell us your horse's diet, and receive his meals individually packaged and shipped to your door.



Have a barn full? Discounted programs for people who own more than five horses.

$112 +

Barn Manager

Have ten of your clients sign their horses up and get a free subscription for your personal animal!


Expert Help

Have an industry expert help you build a program customized for your horse's needs. One time fee of: