Instant mash for horses



customized feeding

Single Serving Convenience

Your horse's specialized diet, shipped direct to your barn. You'll have full confidence that your horse is getting exactly what you want him to eat. Your trainer or barn manager will love the one box simplicity and clear labeling. Best of all - no more weekly baggie assembly!


just what you need

Single serving horse feed and treats so you can buy just what you need.


Bran Treat Bags

ReadiBran Instant Mash bags make great treats for your horse for special occasions. They're also a perfect gift for your horse loving friends!


daily meals

Your horse's daily grain ration, shipped to your feed room door. Labeled and packaged to make feeding as simple as it can be.

ingredients in spoons


Supplement packs

Add a supplement pack to your feed subscription and have your horse's entire daily bucket in one place!


Custom Diets

Work with our experts to create a diet, or just tell us exactly what to pack and we'll send it to your door. Fully customized feed programs just the way you want them.

simplify your feed room

See how putting your feed room routine on auto-ship can give you back your riding time!